This changelog reflects all changes and updates to the Bibliobo feature set. Regular (weekly) data updates will not be reflected here.

If you see something, say something. Please report bugs when you come across them.

v0.83 : 23 January 2016

New in this update

  • Tons of data clean-up. Less missing images and broken book:comment links
  • Cool new lists: Award Winners and Best ofs.
  • Breadcrumbs

v0.82 : 17 January 2016

Features Introduced

  • Click a book in "What are you Reading" to see the comment which referenced it. Also shows a link to view the original comment on Reddit.
  • Expanded the lists section in Discover. More to come.
  • Added a search function, works on books and Reddit users.

v0.80 : 10 January 2016

A pretty major release, with a bunch of new features and bugfixes.

Features Introduced

  • Site-wide redesign, to make it look a little less vanilla bootstrap.
  • User levels and achievements (Say what?)
  • Discover section - find your next favourite book.
  • Wizard. A slightly different take on the "recommend me a book" trope. Try it out and let us know what you think.
  • Blog. Hop on over and watch me be all self-important and snooty. Disabled for the time being - it's not quite ready.
  • This page!

Bugs Fixed

  • Books displaying no cover image.
  • Books displaying "used" photos as cover images.
  • Fixed a couple of title/author mismatches: Stranger in a Strange Land by Gary Younge?!
  • Misidentified a bunch of common phrases as book titles, like "If you ask me" written by Betty White (lol).
  • Corrected markdown formatting of redditor comments on book detail page.

v0.70 : 1 November 2015

Initial public beta (i.e. everything is new).